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  • Making progress! So, I accidentally found that the connection between the chip, top pin #6 from the left was not soldered properly. I re-heated that joint and flowed in a bit more solder properly, and now every light works besides D24. When it gets …
  • Thank you for the kind offer, I will gladly check this and let you know what I find I think this may have been my fault for not using the right solder as well.. I haven't soldered in years, and I just used what the guy at Radio Shack recommended, i…
  • I've spent hours looking at this, trying to touch up any soldering points that may not have been perfect, and there is no change. Any other troubleshooting ideas, like a way to manually connect LED2? When I hook up the 5v+ from the Arduino to LED2, …
  • Hi Windell, thanks for the quick reply! 1. Great! Glad to know it's not the IC, as that would be a pain to take out at this point 2. If the LEDs are 'damaged', does that mean they will light when powered directly (as they do), but not when they are…