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  • Thanks Windell will do,  At least it is up and running now.
  • ok have completely removed Inkscape and anything that was left over from both programs and programs x86. reinstalled Inkscape 64.  Inkscape only shows up in Program Folder at this point. then download unzipped and copied the file…
  • ok removed the egg bot hatch files from the extensions  folder. started Inkscape and hatch fill is gone from eggbot contributed.  copied the new egg bot hatch files to the extension folder. started Inkscape and checked eggbot menu and hatch fill is …
  • Ok, yes, upgrading to new hatch fill extension, have loaded the  the eggbot_hatch.inx, files. started Inkscape and the look under EggBot extensions menu and no Hatch Fill. Just downloaded the 3 files from plotink. Installed them. sta…
  • Windell: Well I powered down the egg-bot last night. Powering it up this am, I have no control voltage to the steppers or the pen servo. No matter the location of the pot, min, midway max. Could all the erratic behavior yesterday been the pot or the…