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Folk Hero
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  • Hi Thank you so much. That was the answer I was looking for. Folk Hero
  • Hi I didn't do the "hello world" file instead I did the "smiley face" one with no problem. thanks Folk Hero
  • Hi After trying several different things I have come to the the conclusion I may be no smarter than a box of rocks. If you can tell how to (step by step please) print this on a ping pong ball for my wife not only will I be eternally grateful but thiā€¦
  • Ok if I reduce the 1044 to 800 that brings it 2492 X 800. Will that work? thanks Folk Hero
  • Ok When I enlarge the graphic to a width of 3200 and keep the perspective ratio it comes to 3200 X 1044. Will this work or do I need to change something. P.S I'm using ping pong balls. thanks Folk Hero
  • Hi Even at 35.5" that's still a lot more than will fit on an egg? thanks Folk Hero