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  • I also have the impression that Inkscape runs a lot more stable and faster on the same machine using Fedora. Especially when dragging, scaling or convertig objects/path groups.
  • Little update for people who also have this problem: I now use Fedora 24 Design Suite x64 and everything works like a charm, the script does it's work and so the error was directly connected to Windows Python. Thanks for the hint Windell Best
  • Ok now, this is strange. When I use the script, the window appears for a split second and then just quits. I waited for half an hour, but nothing - CPU was also on idle which I assume tells it does nothing. Look at this capture. I selected all indiv…
  • Thanks for your answer Windell, much appreciated. I attach the two files in question for reference. I had some success now with "quasi_crystal.svg" - I just selected half of the objects, reordered them with the Eggbot TSP script and it worked. So …
  • Hey there, I have the same question, but unfortunately neither restack nor Eggbot optimize paths works for me. I have generated a file from the weighted Voronoi stippler ( and want to optim…