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Color change

edited February 2014 in Egg-Bot
Can you pause the pen while printing in order to change color.  Also is there a control that allows the software to stop to allow a color change and then start again with a new pen?


  • One way to do this: based upon color, separate your design into different layers.  Then print the design layer by layer, changing pens between each layer you print.

  • Does the egg bot always return to the exact spot it began?   Also. Can you pause the pen while printing?  I have had occasion where I wanted to stop the printing for a few moments but there does not appear to be any way to stop the prinitng until it is completed.
  • You may find it helpful to delve into the details of the Eggbot Extensions. In particular, the Options and Resume tabs of the Eggbot control extension cover those topics.
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