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Arduino 1.6.5 + Alpha Clock Five Firmware v2.1.0

edited January 2016 in Clock Kits
Has anyone out there been brave enough to go this route when updating / programming their clock?


  • I tried it, everything seemed to compile after adding a couple of "const"s to some of the library definitions, but I couldn't get it to upload.

    There's a new Sanguino board definition here: that I installed and was able to select it in the IDE, and I modified the boards.txt file to have right right upload rate, but it's still giving me the "stk500_getsync() not in sync: resp=0x00" errors.
  • Which type of programmer are you using, and which firmware are you using? (That is, if using Arduino-style bootloader firmware, is it one based on the v1 or v2 firmware?)
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