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Where is!!!

Hi I previously contacted you to ask if some 0.9 degree motors were suitable. You told me i needed to "open up the "" file in your Inkscape Extensions folder-- it contains a setting in there "STEP_SCALE" that you can alter for this configuration (400 steps/revolution -- 6400 steps per revolution)" Only thing is I cant find it. I think the problem arises because I have a windows computer and followed the advice to install the Windows installer from the previous major release, EggBot_250A.exe. I downloaded the extensions for 2.7.1 and the file you mentioned is there but ive got 2.5 installed and I cant find in program files/inkscape/share/extensions.

Anyhoo I found earlier advice for 0.9 degree motors that was to "go to "" file (in your Inkscape extensions) and find the line of code that says: self.step_scaling_factor = 1 and change it to 0.5." The "" file is there (leading me to summise that its a version thing as the post was old.) Only the code that should read self.step_scaling_factor = 1 actually in mine reads step_scaling_factor = 2. Quite confused now should i change it to 0.5? or even 1 as thats half its current value. Please help Thanks John


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